We are pleased to bring out this homepage representing a cross section of Exports and Imports of various products marketed by us. We sincerely hope to acquaint you with all aspects of our activities in and out of Japan.

Ueno Corporation has earned in the part rich experience in exportation of Building materials and Machinery from Japan to various parts of the world. Utilizing this experience and contacts abroad, we have now embarked on an ambitious programme for importation & trading of materials that can be marketed in Japan. Thus, truly opening of a two way commerce between many countries of the world and Japan.

Since its foundation, Ueno Corporation has set itself a very unique corporate philosophy. The Company's motto is firstly to promote trade in both exportation and importation. Secondly, to set highest standards of service to customers both abroad and at home. Thirdly and most importantly, to promote goodwill with all the people of the world. We are confident of realizing of our goals with continuing best efforts of all our staff members and invaluable co-operation, assistance and patronage of all our clients.

Suekatsu Tanaka, President Sign